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Being a professional carpet cleaner is a unique job. We are expected to provide quality service at a reasonable price. However, what clients are not always expecting is the level of care that we take protecting their home and furnishings while we are in their home working. Here is a list of tools and techniques that are underutilized in the industry that will make your job easier, and help you stand out from your competition.

  1. Floor mats – I honestly can’t beleive that this would need to be listed, but the amount of clients that tell me their previous carpet cleaner did not use mats to protect their floors blows me away. Before bringing in your equipment, mats should be laid down. It looks professional and will prevent physical damage and some mats are able to absorb water if any of your equipment leaks. We prefer indoor walk-off mats. These mats have an absorbent face yarn and rubber backing.
  2. Stair ties and/or hooks – One of the most frustrating things is when hoses fall down stairs and pull on your carpet wand while you’re trying to clean. In the past we’ve recommended the hose strap hooks sold at any carpet cleaning supply house. But recently we’ve started using rubber stair ties found at Home Depot or other hardware stores. These ties are just a little but more diverse. Not only can they be used to tie hoses, they can be used in the van to help tie equipment to shelves preventing them falling. Also, the rubber offers a little better protection when tied around wooden stair rails than a hose strap would.
  3. High-powered UV flashlight – For years we went back and forth trying to find a decent UV flashlight. We’d purchase the $175 UV flashlight at Interlink Supply, which we loved. But then it would innevitably get dropped and would not longer work, but we did not want to spend the money to buy another one so we’d buy a cheap one on Amazon. After going back and forth between expensive and inexpensive I decided to do some research. After digging deeper I found the exact same UV flashlight that Interlink Supply sold on Amazon for only $60. The flashlight literally paid itself off on the fist job I used it on.
  4. Corner guards – No matter how much you pay your technicians, they are not going to be as careful as you or your managers. Make sure they are using corner guards or you’ll be fixing drywall corners all the time.
  5. iPad – For 13 years we used carbonless paper invoices. We fill it out, and then the customer gets a copy, pretty simple, right? Over those 13 years we estimated the cost to purchase all those paper invoices was around $4k. An iPad can be purchased for as little as $400. In 2019 we decided to put and iPad on each truck and the results have been awesome. We no longer have to log invoices every week, because the tech’s are providing receipts straight out of Quickbooks Online. We are getting email addresses for almost every client. This is helpful of course because aquiring email addresses is important to quickly and easily reach clients later on. And it looks professional.