• Always blot, not agitate, the spot and remove as much of the liquid as possible before using any type of carpet spot chemical.
  • Test your spot treatment in an inconspicuous like a closet before using to test for color loss
  • Apply a small amount of your spot chemical to the spot and blot using a clean white towel.
  • Check for color transfer to the towel.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until there is no more color transfer.

*Remember, always blot when cleaning a spill, a rubbing motion can distort the carpet fibers and cause permanent, visible damage. Use agitation as a last resort. Avenge - Safe and Effective Removal of Most Stains. Avenge Spot and Stain Remover has a neutral pH and yet will remove over 85% of stains from carpet and upholstery safely and effectively! Avenge has a unique synergistic action that works extremely well on most water-based stains, as well as many combination oil and water-based stains.

Most food spots and spills can easily be cleaned up by using Avenge carpet spotter. To purchase a bottle of avenge call (913) 210-1774

  1. Remove any excess material by blotting or scraping
  2. Apply Avenge (or normal spot chemical) to a towel and blot onto stain & check results
  3. If testing deemed safe, apply Avenge directly to the stain and agitate lightly with the towel
  4. Apply light pressure with a dry portion of the towel to absorb the material from the fabric
  5. Repeat if necessary.

Types of spills and spots often found in the category:

Ball point pen, permanent marker, lipstick, nail polish, asphalt, chewing gum, crayon, grease, wax etc.

Note: Most inks and cosmetics respond well to spotting with Gel Break. Test by applying a very small amount of Gel Break to the spot. Allow Gel Break to dwell for one minute then gently blot with a white towel, if some removal is apparent then follow the steps below. If little or none of the spot comes up on the towel, call a Professional Carpet Cleaner for advice. Some ink and cosmetic stains can be permanent.

  1. Absorb, blot or scrape to remove excess material
  2. Apply Gel Break directly to the spot and allow to dwell for one minute.
  3. Gently blot to remove spot
  4. Repeat until no more material is being removed
  5. Apply Avenge to remove final residue of spot and to rinse clean.
  6. Repeat if necessary.