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The carpet cleaning industry has such a wide variety of workers. It really is interesting. I mean, you have guys that don’t have a high school diploma working next to guys that went to grad school. Some are 17 years old, some are 65. It’s labor intensive enough that most can handle the workload, but not so intensive that only a select few are capable.

It’s a pretty easy business to start as well. You could start up for under $1,000 with a portable or low-speed scrubber. Or you could go the route of a truck-mount and spend $100k.

 Any many do focus on the equipment, wanting the most powerful truck-mount out there that has 250 degree water, x amount of vacuum, bla bla bla.

One might not be able to clean a home with a portable carpet machine better than a truck-mount, but I guarantee you if he’s more of a professional than the guy with the truck-mount, he’s going to have more referrals.

The sad truth is that our clients think of us as no more than glorified house cleaners. But that’s our fault because many in the industry dress and act like the unprofessional contractor that clients expect us to be.

 If you want your clients to think of you as a professional, it’s time you started acting like one. No more jeans. No more dirty, unorganized vans. No more tee shirts. When you start acting and dressing like a professional, I promise your referral rates will increase. 


6 things you can do to look like a PROFESSIONAL carpet cleaner


1. Get rid of the jeans

Time to change out those jeans for actual work pants. I’m talking about wearing slacks. But at least wear some khaki pants. In the summer our guys wear Lees Performance Series shorts. And in when it’s cold, they wear Dickies 874 pants.

Both come in a variety of colors to match the rest of your uniform.

2. Keep your van clean and organized

It’s summer time, you’re inside cleaning for Mr. Smith, he gets bored and strolls outside to look at your rig, and what he sees is really disappointing. The back of your van looks like a wasteland. Empty chem jugs, dirty tools, your McDonald’s lunch sack. Mr. Smith can’t help but think that you don’t have your sh*t together. Is that how you really want to be portrayed?

It takes an extra 30 seconds to arrange your tools in an organized manner after each job. Just do it and stop being lazy.

3. Polo shirts

I know what you’re thinking “tee shirts are fine, they have my logo on them!” I’m sorry to tell you that you are wrong. We prefer Nike 50/50 polo shirts. Yes, they are a little more expensive, but they fit and look great, last a long time, and are readily available online. Find an embroidery company that can digitize your logo. If you’re having trouble finding a company to do this for you, try our friends at Branding Stop.

4. Use an email that’s @yourcompanyname.com

I assume most of you have a website. If so, you can easily get an email address that is ‘yourname@yourcompanyname.com’. I see all the time, even listed on company websites, a gmail or yahoo email address. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask the person who made your website, or read this article.

5. Create a custom receipt with your logo

Don’t buy the crappy and generic invoice receipt forms at the office stores. Look like a real pro with a form that is designed for your business type. If you don’t have the ability to create one, just go to Fiverr and search “custom invoice” and hire someone to design you one with your logo on it.

Once you have the design, order carbonless forms online, or take them to your printer to make some.

6. Accept all payment methods

My house cleaner does not take credit card, and it annoys me. You can literally start accepting all major credit/debit cards within 10 minutes by downloading the Square app. It also allows you to email invoices. Get on board and make it easier for your clients to give you money. They will appreciate it.